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Hello friends, if you are a new blogger and currently using blogspot platform to host your content then you might have noticed that the all the templates that are available on the blogger are not very attractive and are useless. If you want to make your blog look attractive, fast loading and increase user experience then you need to change your default blogger template to custom blogger template which is easily available on internet.
So, in this post I will tell you step by step how to change your blogger template with custom blogger template and give perfect design to your website according to the content.

Benefits of Changing Blogger Template

If you want to increase your blog traffic and want to bring lot of visitors to your website then it is very important to select best blogger template for your blog and change your classic blogger template because template gives design to your blog that attracts your visitor.
Good templates give clear navigation to your visitors increasing user experience as good templates has well arranged order of different sections on website like navigation bar, advertisement section etc. When your template will have well arranged section it will easy for the users to read and respond to your content.
 Quality of template not only increases user’s interest to your site but it is also very helpful in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some templates has lot of CSS and JavaScript code which makes the website very slow while loading that gives bad impression to the user as well as in Google search result.
There are also various other factors of the website that depends on the type of template being used in the blog.

How To Choose Best Blogger Template

Before downloading template for your blog it is very important to know which template is best to select and apply. There are various factors on which quality of template depends:
1.      SEO Friendly: SEO friendly templates help your site to rank better in Google search result. In such type of templates title tags and different meta tags are optimized according to the Google search algorithm.
2.      Responsive: Responsive templates are those that fit according to screen size and make blog design look good on different devices like desktop, mobile or tablet.

3.      Fast Loading: The template of your blog must be fast loading so that your website loads faster even on poor network connection so you don’t loose any visitor visiting your site.

Where To Get Best Blogger Template 

There are many websites that offer paid as well as free templates. Some of the famous websites are mentioned below:
You can visit on above website and select the type of template you want to apply on your blog. There are two versions of template that will be available on sites 
1. Premium Version: These version are paid and you have lot of benefits of using paid version like you have permission to remove author credit link and the template is already optimized with SEO techniques. 
2. Free version: These versions of templates are absolutely free and can be downloaded without any cost but it has certain limitations like you cannot remove the credit link from the template footer.

Steps To Change Blogger Template:

Before starting this process make sure that you have already downloaded and extracted the zip file of your template on the desktop.
Step-1: First Log in into your account and go to dashboard of your blog.

Step-2: Now from the left Menu bar click on the Theme option.

Step-3: Wait for the next page to load and then navigate to top right and then click on Backup/Restore option. 

Step-4: A new popup window will appear.

Step-5: Click on Download Full Template button to download the current template of your blog so that if you have any problem in newly applied template then you can restore it from the backup you have created.

Step-6: Click on Choose File button and then select the folder where the extracted template file is kept from the pop up window.

Step-7: From the extracted folder only select the file with .xml extension and then click on Upload.

Step-8: Wait for the template to apply successfully and then close the popup window.

Congratulations you have successfully changed your blogger template.
Friends if you find this article helpful while changing your blogger template then do share this post to your friends are families who are newbie in the field of blogging.
If you notice any problem while changing the blogger template then feel free to comment your problem in the comment box and I am always there to give solution to your problem as soon as possible.

Thank You.

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