How To Connect Namecheap Domain To Blogger

Hello Friends, in this post I will tell you how to connect custom domain to your blogger website in an easy step. We know that the most famous platform for blogging is the which is owned by Google. This platform is absolutely free for creating blogs and publishing them online on the internet.

Since it is free platform, the domain offered by blogger contains extension which looks very odd and such domain hardly rank for their content. In order to create wonderful blog and give professional look to our blog we need to integrate two most important things that is custom domain name and a custom template which takes our blogging to next level.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform offered by Google to create blog, write article and publish it on the internet. With blogger one can create professional blog website in different niches.

Blogger offers lot of free services such as free templates, HTTPS certificate and blog monetization program to earn money while blogging. Anyone who is looking willing to start his/her own blog with zero investment must try this free platform.

What is Custom Domain?

Custom domain name is a top level domain name which uniquely identifies the blog or website. It is a root domain that gives brand to you website.

There are many online websites that provides custom domain name buying facilities. Some of them are:




Hostgator, etc.

Benefits of Buying Custom Domain

Custom domain not only gives branding and professional look to your blog or website but it has more additional importance and features.

Custom domain helps to rank you website better in the search engine result since Google gives more priority such domain rather than or which is a sub-domain. More over it is very to get Google Adsense approval on custom domain rather than sub domain and such domains are very to remember.

How To Connect Custom Domain With Blogger

Before connecting custom domain with your blogger first you need to purchase any top level domain name from Godaddy or Namecheap. There are various other sites also from where you can buy domain name. Now follow below steps:

Step-1: First of all you need to open blogger on your browser by visiting and then sign in to your existing blogger account. 

Step-2:  Select the blog which you want to connect with custom domain.

Step-3: In the left section click on the Settings option as mentioned in the screenshot below.

Step-4: Then a new page will open there you can find Blog Address option under Publishing section where you can see your BlogSpot domain.

Step-5: Just below BlogSpot domain there is an option of “Set up third party domain URL for your blog”. Click on this option.

Step-6: Now it will ask you to custom domain under third party domain settings.

Step-7: Enter your custom domain that you have already purchased in the box and then click on save button below.

Step-8: As soon as you click on save button it will ask to verify the authority of the domain which can be verified when you log in into your domain provider account and perform DNS setting.

Step-9: Leave this page as it is and open new tab on your browser and Log in into your registrar or domain provider account. For example I have purchased my domain name from namecheap then I will Sign In into my namecheap account and select the domain that I want to connect with blogger.

Step-10: Now go to your domain DNS setting and add the records as follows:

You need to add 6 new records into your DNS setting.

First 2 are CNAME Records which is unique for every blogspot that can be find Step 8 as mentioned with red rectangle in the screenshot and add these two CNAMEs as shown in below picture.

Step-11: Now you need to add four A Records that is given below in the same way as shown in the above picture.

  • Add four A-records which point to Google IPs.

Step-12: Save the above records and then return back to the blogger page.

Step-13: Finally click on the save button below the domain that you have entered and you will successfully add the custom domain to your blog.

Note: Sometime it may take more than 6 hours to verify your domain in such case you just need to setup your DNS and wait for an hour before you again verify your domain.


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If you find any problem while connecting your custom domain with blogger then feel free to comment your issue or comment your issue screenshot below in the comment box and I am always there to help you out.
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