What is TDR | How to File TDR for Ticket Refund?

Hello Friends, In this post I will tell you what is TDR that you have often noticed during booking train tickets via IRCTC. I will also explain you step by step procedure on how to file TDR to get your money back and what are the necessary conditions while filing TDR.

What is TDR?

TDR stands for Ticket Deposit Receipt. This service is offered by Indian Railway Government to its passenger travelling via trains. This service is used to get ticket cancellation money back easily but there are various conditions that need to be satisfied in order to enjoy this service.

All the conditions to be fulfilled in order to make use of TDR are explained below in this post.

Rules To File TDR

TDR can be filed in case of sudden cancellation of train tickets due to some emergency like sudden cancellation of train due to heavy fog, floods, other disasters or some related issues with the passenger.

TDR is filed in case only when the chart is prepared because in such conditions there is no normal cancellation allowed.

As we know that if we cancel any tatkal ticket then there is no refund in such cases but if the train is delayed by more than one hour then tatkal ticket can be cancelled and its money can be refunded if you file TDR against this.

The only condition is that you have file TDR within 12 hours of scheduled departure of the train. If you file TDR after 12 hours of train departure (from where it starts) then no refund will be entertained.

How to File TDR?

Step-1: In order to file TDR you first need to open IRCTC official website/app or Click Here and then make sure that you are logged into your same account with which you have booked the ticket.

Step-2: Now on the top left go to My Account section and there you will get My Transaction in the sub menu.

Step-3: In the My Transaction menu select File TDR option.

Step-4: Now you will be navigated to new page and all those tickets that are eligible for deposit receipt will be seen on the page. If you do not find your booked ticket on this page then it means that the ticket is not available for TDR.

Step-5: Now just select the ticket to whom you want to file TDR and then click on file TDR option.

Step-6: On clicking on File TDR button, a popup window will appear that with some options that need to be filled.  The options will be as follows:

  • A list of passengers asking you to select the passengers whose TDR you want to file.
  • In the next option you need to specify the reason for filling TDR.
  • At last just click on File TDR option and all done.

Step-7: Now you will get TDR successful message on the screen indicating you that your TDR has been successfully accepted. 

How To Check TDR Status Online?

The status of your filed TDR will be reported periodically on the email address that is linked with your IRCTC account.

Thank you.

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