How To Delete Instagram Account

Social media has became very popular and important part of life since it helps us to connect with our friends, families and almost entire world with the help of internet. Now days every one from student to adult has their account on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. 

Social media is very good time pass but when it also wastes lot of times especially of students so sometime people need to delete their account from social media platforms.
It is very simple and easy to create account on such platforms but when it come to delete account due to some reason then it difficult to find the procedure of how to delete social media accounts.
Instagram is also among popular social media platform. So. in this post I will tell you how to delete Instagram Account permanently or temporarily.

What is Instagram?

Instagram after Facebook is second most popular and loved social media platform currently owned by Facebook. The Instagram was originally developed to share photos but since it popularity increased so it has now extended it features from sharing photos to share videos, sharing status etc.

On Instagram one can easily follow his/her favorite celebrity and watch their photos and videos. The most striking feature of Instagram that is different from other social media is that you can send direct message to any user without following. The condition for this is only that the account whom you want to send the message must be public.

How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account?

If you want to delete your Instagram account for few days so that no one can neither see your account not message you and after few days want to activate your Instagram account without changes then you need to temporarily disable it. To temporarily disable follow below steps:

Step-1: First of all you need to log in to your Instagram account from a web browser (Chrome/Firefox) in computer.

Step-2: In the top right click on your profile and then click on "Edit Profile".

Step-3: A new page will open where you need to scroll down and in last you will see the option of "Temporarily Disable My Account". Click on this.

Step-4: Now again next page will open that will ask you to select the reason of disabling the account.

Step-5: Specify the reason, in the next box enter your password to re-verify and then click on "Disable My Account".

You have successfully disabled your Instagram account. If you want to activate your Instagram account then you just need to go to Instagram and Log in into account.


The above step can be easily used to delete Instagram account. So, friends how you like this article please reply with your views and suggestion in the comment box below. You feedback is valuable for us. Thank you.

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