How To Write SEO Friendly Post For Your Blog

Hello Friends, we know that blogging is a passion for many people but it has now become very popular platform to earn money through affiliate marketing and other advertising source. Every hour thousands of posts are uploaded on the blog and in such case it is very difficult for a new blogger to rank to his/her post in the top search engine result.
The main aim of every blogger is to get maximum traffic on his/her blog so that huge profit can be generated and the blog can become famous so, In this post I will give you best tips to write SEO friendly post so that you can rank quickly in the search engine result and can bring lot of organic traffic to your blog easily.

What is SEO Friendly Post?

SEO friendly post means the post that is written according to the rules and regulation of the search engine algorithm. SEO friendly post are written in a well defined structure with the correct use of keywords and tags so that it can be easily ranked in to the Search engine result.

Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Post
Before writing post for your website it is very important to do some research so that you can you can bring lot of traffic to your site, just writing blog post is not enough to generate traffic but we need to do lot of research which is in fact a little difficult task but do not worry, I will make it easy for you.

Quality Content

The quality of the content that is included in the post must be high because content is king. The post that you write should be arranged in a proper structure with the help of table of content and it should be descriptive so that anyone who is reading the post can get enough knowledge from your post.
The quality of the content depends upon different ways that is used to write the article which can be easily understood by the users. Search engine considers quality content to those posts that make use of pictures and videos to explain their content and has longer length.


Keywords are the heart of any post, without keywords you can never rank in search engine. Keywords are the specific word or targeted words that people usually search on Google or other search engines. The best keywords are those that have high search volume and high CPC. For getting profitable keywords it is very important to do keyword research.

Tips for Using Keywords

To rank your post high in search engine result always research for low keyword difficulty and high search volume.
For keyword researches make use of Google keyword planner and Ubbersuggest which is a free keyword research tool. There are also paid tools like Semrush, Ahref etc. that makes keyword research easier and saves time.
Select at least 10 to 15 keywords relevant to the post topic and use all these keywords in the post. Avoid keyword stuffing that is repetition of same keywords again and again because Google considers such post as spam and will never rank your webpage containing the post.
Make use of long tail keywords in your post which can be taken from Google auto complete and auto suggest feature. 
Include the main keywords of the post in title, description and heading tag of the post.

Use of Important HTML Tags

Using different types of HTML tags during post writing is very good SEO practice. All the targeted keywords should be included in different HTML tags such as the most important keyword of the post must be included in Heading tag that is H1 tag, other possible keywords can be included in italic, bold, title and strong tags.
Use of HTML tags helps the search engine crawler to understand the content of the webpage more easily.


Whenever anything is searched on the Google then two main things appear on the search engine result page, the first one is the title and the second is the description of the webpage.
Title of the post should be written in such a way that it includes the keywords or the words that is often search, relevant to the post and the title should be written in such a way that it looks eye catching and appealing to the visitors that forces the visitors to open your blog.


Next to the title the short detail on the search engine result page displays the description of the webpage. It is very important to give short description of every post so that user can understand the content before opening your site.
If you do not give description of your webpage then visitors after visiting your site found content not suitable then visitor will instantly leave your blog thus increasing the bounce rate and it will be considered as negative SEO for any website or blog.

Optimization of Image

Use of image in post is very good SEO practice but using lot of images in the post without optimization is useless, so before inserting images in the post it need to be well optimized which can be done by reducing the size of the picture so that page loads instantly even at low network.
Before uploading the image the name of the image should be similar to the keyword even keyword must be included in the caption of the image and the most important is the use of ALT tag for image which helps the web crawlers to read the alt tag and understand the type of image. Alt tag is also used to provide the information about the image when the image is unable to load due to some reason.

Including Links in Post

There must be inbound and outbound link in the post so that user can easily navigate to the other websites or other webpage of your own site which will increase the visitors stay time on your website which is positive point with respect to SEO.

User Friendly URL

User friendly URL are those that are easily readable for example if you write a post for your blog on the topic “How To Do SEO” then the URL of the webpage must be like Such type of URL are considered as SEO friendly and are important SEO factor.

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