What is Affiliate Marketing

In today's digital world online earning is one of the best source of income. There are lot of ways to earn money online among which the most popular is one through advertisement on blog or website.

If you are a blogger and want to make huge profit from blog or website along with showing ads then affiliate marketing can become very good choice and chance to earn big revenue. So, in this post I will tell you how to earn money through affiliate marketing so that total revenue can be increased at the same time.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The term "Affiliate" means to refer and "Marketing" means to sell something, So affiliate marketing is the process of selling products of other companies online via website, blog, Youtube or other social media platforms and earn money as a commission when the sale is made through it.

Now days there are number of e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. that sell products online and such website provides affiliate marketing program for influencer, content creators and bloggers through which profit can be  made very easily on the purchase of every product by the customers.

For example if you are a blogger and you have written an article on best shoes for men and recommended some shoes from amazon.com to your visitors reading the post and if the visitors from your recommended products navigate to respected website (amazon.com) and make purchase of that item then you will get commission based on the criteria that amazon has set up on the sale of each product referred by you.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is most popular and easy source of income, even if you don't own a website or blog then also you can make money through affiliate marketing by just recommending products on WhatsApp groups and other social media platform.
  • If you own a website and your website is approved with Google Adsense then it is safe to use affiliate links and banners as it is not going to affect your Google Adsense earning in any way but at the same time you can double your earning from same blog or website.
  • Affiliate marketing can be done in almost every category ranging from clothing, foods, technology etc.

Terms Related to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate ID

Affiliate ID is a unique number or identification code that is provided to every affiliate marketer by the company that helps them to keep track of every sale that is made through the links provided.

Affiliate Links 

Affiliate links are URL links of the specified products combined along with affiliate ID. These links are provided by affiliate company to the creator which are embedded in the website, blog or given to the customer and when customer make purchase through these links then only commission to the account through which link was generated is provided.


Commission is the amount of money that marketer gets on the sale of each products. Commission varies from product to product. For example if there is an item of Rs. 1000 and the commission is 1% then on the sale of every such item made through your affiliate links you will get Rs. 10.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Companies

Here is the list of top 5 affiliate marketing companies of 2020

Amazon Associate 

This is the most popular, trusted and widely used affiliate marketing company owned world largest E-commerce website Amazon. There are lot of benefits of selling products of amazon as it provided different ads formats such as links, banner ads, responsive ads and even interest based native ads which increases the chances of maximum conversion rate. Another striking feature of this company is that it not only pays for product that is purchased from links but if a customer through your links visits amazon and buy more than one product or any other product withing 24 hours then you will get commission of each and every purchased that is made.

Share Sale

This is another high commission paying e-commerce website. It also uses cookies technology to track orders and pay you maximum profit.

Max Bounty

Max Bounty is famous affiliate marketing company that usually deals with software, application installs etc. It pays for every purchase or install of applications.


Shopify is another leading e-commerce website that helps people to build their own online store and sell items and in return they give commission on the basis of items solds.


Bluehost is famous website that provides affiliation of hosting services and give high payout for each successful referral. (Upto $65 for each qualified referral).

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

In order to start affiliate marketing you first need to have an account as a publisher on any one of the affiliate marketing website for example Amazon. On Amazon first of all open amazon associates account and then select the product that you want to affiliate and then refer it to the customer.

The best way to do affiliate marketing is through micro niche website. A micro niche website is a site that is based on specific sub category for example if I want to create micro niche website on head phones then instead of writing post on various company of head phones I will write post on only JBL head phones. Such sites are profitable for affiliate marketing because only those visitor who have interest on buying head phones will read the article and through your affiliate link they can easily navigate to sites for buying products therefore it has high conversion rates.

There are other various methods too for affiliate marketing such as posting products links with great offers in Facebook, telegram or WhatsApp groups. 

When a visitor click on the links or banners and navigate to the website to buy product then for each successful item sold some commission is generated that can be redeemed only when your account reaches payment threshold. 


Thank You, so much for reading my this post, I hope you would have loved reading this article if you want to know more about affiliate marketing then please comment your quires in the comment box so that I can help you out.

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