What is Keyword Research & How To Do Keyword Research

Hello Friends, if you are a blogger and your blog or site is not enough getting traffic due to low ranking in search engine then proper keyword research for your blog post can help your blog to improve ranking in different search engines which will ultimately help you to bring more visitors to your site.

 So, in this post I will tell you how to do proper keyword research for your blog and website and rank easily on the top search engine result.

What are Keywords?

A keyword is a particular word that people usually search on the internet. For example if some one search for "how to create a blog" then this is the keyword.  These keywords are included in the post title, description and inside article for top ranking in the search engine results.

There are mainly two types of keyword:

Short tail keywords - Short tail keywords are words of small combination like "how to create website". These type of keywords are little difficult to rank.

Long tail keywords - Long tail keywords are similar to small sentences like "how to create website on Wordpress without hosting". Such keywords are very easy to rank as compared to short tail keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a way of finding profitable keywords which includes selecting those keywords that have high search volume, high CPC (cost per click) but low competition.

How to do Keyword Research?

There are many paid and free tools available that are used to perform keyword researching. These tools help the bloggers to figure out the difficulty of the keywords based on the competition and number of article available on the web on those keywords.

Every new blogger never want to invest money on their blog or website until they begin to earn enough from that blog so, there are many free tools available for keyword research like Google Adwords, Ubbersugggest etc. These are absolutely free and provide keywords difficulty, CPC, keyword competition etc. in a particular location.

How to do Keyword Research Without any Tool?

Keyword research can also be done without any tool which is very easy but consumes little time.
Follow below steps to perform keyword research.

1. First of all select the topic on which you want to write the article.

2. Now select combination of 4 to 5 long and short tail keywords related to the topic. These keywords can be easily find and selected using the Google auto suggest feature.

3. Search for those keywords on the different search engines and note down the number of websites in the result. In the result if the number of websites are less then it means it is a low competition keywords.

4. Note down the websites that are ranking on top 10 and then check their domain authority and number of backlinks linked to that post. If low DA/PA sites are ranking then it means that the keyword is easy to rank.

5. Always focus on long tail keywords.

Above are some free keyword research techniques. Make use of these features and include the keywords in the title, description and article paragraph for better result.

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