What is Sitemap & How to Create Sitemap For Blogger

Every new blogger wants to rank his website in the top search engine result to bring more and more traffic to its website but for ranking websites especially newly created website is not an easy task as it needs lot of SEO techniques to be applied.
Among various SEO tips, creating sitemap of a blog or website is yet another very important part of search engine optimization technique. So in this post I will tell you what actually sitemap is, its importance and how to create perfect XML sitemap for blogger.

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap as the name refers is like a map of a website. It can be either HTML or XML file that contains the index of all post and pages in the form of links.
Sitemap is similar to index page of a book where all the chapters and their corresponding  page number is mentioned which make it easier for the reader to direct jump to the chapter to be read.
Similarly, the Search engine instead of reading entire post just index the sitemap of your website which takes less time for the search engine to  analyze the changes in the post and index your newly created post. It is very important for the website to have sitemap so that search engine crawlers can understand the content of your website without reading the entire website.

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger?

Sitemap for blogger can be created online in simple steps as follows:
1. Go to https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/. This is a free website for generating XML sitemap for website.
2. In the box just enter the URL of the website whose sitemap you want create and then click on the Start button.
3. Wait until the pages are scanned and sitemap is generated successfully.
4. Next click on View Sitemap Details on the popup and a new page will appear.
5. Click on the Download Your XML Sitemap button and your XML sitemap will be saved in the device.
Congrats you have successfully created the XML sitemap for your blogger site.

How to Submit Sitemap in Blogger

In order to submit sitemap in blogger, you first need to have Google Search Console Account if you have don’t have then at first create  Google Search Console account and verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools and then proceed with below steps.
1. Go to Google Search Console Account and then in the left menu search for Sitemap Option and click on it.
2. Under Submit a new sitemap  just enter your website URL in the following format- www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml and then click on Submit button.
3. Wait until the it is submitted and then pop will appear with message that your sitemap has been submitted successfully.

Congratulation your sitemap has been submitted successfully in the Google Search Console. 

Thank You

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