How to See Saved Password in Chrome Browser

Hello friends, if you have saved your username and passwords of any website in your Google Chrome browser and forgot it and later you want to view or know the saved username or password then in this post I will tell you how to easily retrieve saved password in any chrome browser on PC or laptop.

Benefits of Saving Username and Password in Browser

Almost everything is becoming online now days like shopping, advertising, media etc. and for doing all these activities online we need to visit different websites and register on such sites to become their customer.
We register on number of websites easily and get username and passwords for easy login in future but remembering different types of username and password for different websites is not an easy task and we forget it.
So, for the ease of users many browsers have facility of saving username and passwords with the help of which whenever you open any website whose login credential is already saved then the log in details will be automatically filled in the log in section.
This features makes it fast and easy for the users to access any site.

How to View Saved Login Details in Browser

The step below is for only chrome browser but however it may be similar for other browsers too. So, follow the below steps carefully:

Step-1: At first open Google Chrome browser and then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.
Step-2: From there click on the settings and a new window with all the settings of the browser will open.
Step-3: Scroll down and search for Autofill section.
Step-4: Under Autofill section click on the Passwords.
Step-5: Now an entire list of all usernames and password will open.
Step-6: Search for website from the list who’s saved login credential you want to know.
Step-7: The saved password will appear in the star form so in order to view the saved password click on the eye button.
Step-8: As soon as you click on the eye button, it will ask for your laptop or Pc password if you have set.
Step-9: Enter the password and then click Ok to view the password.
You can use the same method to view other saved details.
Thank You.

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