How to Speed Up Computer Performance

Hello Friends, if your windows loads slow whenever you start the system or it hangs every time while opening or closing any application then in this post I will tell you how to boost up or speed up your computer performance in a very easy way without installing any extra application your computer.
So, read the post carefully till end and follow the below steps.

Steps to Boost Computer Performance:

This method works in both PC as well as laptop in any version of windows, so lets start:

  • At first you need to go to My Computer or This PC icon on your desktop.
  • Right click on the My Computer or This PC icon and then click on the properties at the end of the list.
  • Now a new window will appear. In this window look for Advanced System Settings in the top left of the window. Click on the option.
  • Now a new box will appear. From the top menu select Advanced option. 
  • Under performance section click on the Settings.
  • Again a new dialog box will open with default Visual Effect menu selected.
  • Under this menu there will be check box option. You need to select he Adjust for best performance option and then save the setting.
Congrats, now you computer is set to best performance and you can easily notice the difference of the speed of computer processing before and after applying this setting.

Note: The only drawback of this method is that it will lower the graphics of the computer but the over all performance will be great.

Thanks for reading this article. There is lot of questions and problem that people face with slow computers so I decided to write an article on this topic and I hope all your problems will be solved.

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