Infolinks Ad Network Review 2020

Hello friends, if you are new in blogging field and want to earn some money from your blog or website by monetizing your content then you are on the right place because in this article I will tell you best Google Adsense alternative for your blog that is infolinks ad network.
So read this article carefully as I will explain different types of ads format and steps to implement ads on your site.

What is Infolinks Ad Network?

Infolink is an online advertising network both for publisher and advertiser that pays for ads that publisher display on his website.
Infolinks is a contextual ad network that supports number of ads format with automatic ad placement technology.

Why Infolink Ad Network

There are many ad networks for monetizing website but the best and number one global advertising network is Google Adsense which is also contextual ad network that pays good amount to its publishers but getting approval from Adsense is not easy due to its strict program policies.
But monetizing blog or website with Infolinks is very easy as it does not have any approval process. It is very useful for small website that are unable to get approval from Adsense.
You just need to add your website and put code and all done. It will automatically place ads on your site and start paying off. It also has very flexible payment methods similar to Adsense.

Types of Ad Formats Provided by Infolinks:

Infolinks provides 4 different types of ad formats:
  • Intext :  In this important keywords of the post are hyperlinked and when visitors hovers on such hyperlinks then ads will pop up.
  • Infold: It appears like a banner at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Intag: These types of ads are present at the bottom of page in the form of anchor tags and when visitor’s hovers or click on the links then these ads appears or open in new page.
  • Inframe: These ads are visible only on the desktop version on both side of the webpage like a skyscraper banners.
  • Inarticle: It is present in the form of banners in between the articles. 

How to Integrate Infolinks Ads on Blog or Website

Placing infolinks ads on website is very easy and does not require any waiting or approval process. Follow below steps to successful ad placement:
Step-1: At first visit and register as publisher account.
Step-2: From the top Menu select the Integrate option.
Step-3: From the left option click on the “Add Website”.
Step-4: Now fill the website details in the space provided and then click on the Submit button.
Step -5: Navigate back to Integrate option and then click on 1-Minute Integration.
Step-6: Choose the platform where your site is hosted for example blogger, wordpress etc.
Step-7: Next copy the code generated below and place it at the end of the body tag.
Step-8: Again from the top Menu click on the Ads.txt section.
Step-9: Now there will be list of advertising network with their publishing id. You need to copy the entire list and create a txt file with name ads.txt and paste the entire list in the same format as you have copied.
Step-10: Place the ads.txt file where you have hosted your file and all done.
Now your website is ready to show infolink ads.

Note: You need to regularly check and update ads.txt file for better and improved earning.

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