How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile

Hello friends, if you are a PUBG player and want to change the name on your profile in PUBG mobile then read this article without skipping any paragraph because in this post I will tell you how to change your name in PUBG with the help of Rename card and if you don’t have rename ID card then don’t worry because in this post I will also tell how you can redeem your rename card free of cost.

Why to Change Name in PUBG Mobile?

Many new players that join PUBG game don’t know the importance of naming the profile so in hurry they keep anything in place of name even some players put mobile number instead of name and proceed and when they join the game and start playing with random players then they see that there are many stylish names and fonts available that makes your profile look great and impressive but they are unable to change the name due to complicated steps and lack of rename card.

The only way to change your name on PUBG profile is with the help of Rename ID card.

How to Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for Free?

Before following this step navigate to your inventory section to check if you already have rename card. If it is not there then follow below steps carefully:

  1. Open PUBG mobile app and navigate to the main lobby of the game.
  2. Now in the right down side there will be small box with name EVENT. Click on that box to open it.
  3. As soon as you click on Event box, a new window will slide where you get daily missions to complete.
  4. Click on the “PROGRESS MISSION” option just below the “DAILY MISSION”.
  5. Now a map will open that will show all the missions that you have already completed.
  6. For each mission you complete there is a reward like free emote, classic crate coupon, etc.
  7. Slide the map and check each level that you have completed.
  8. The rename card can be collected after completing level 10. So go to level 10 and luckily if you find there any rename card just tap on the level to collect it.
  9. Go back to the main lobby of the game and then go to INVENTORY to use the card by following the steps that are mentioned below.

How to Buy Rename Card in PUBG?

Unfortunately, if you have already used the Rename ID card and you want to again change your name in PUBG then you need to buy the card following below steps:

1. Open the PUBG Mobile App and wait until the game loads and you are in lobby.

2. Now go to “Shop” icon at the right of the screen.

3 .Inside Shop navigate to “Treasure”.

4. Scroll and search for Rename Card.

5. Click on the card to buy it. The cost can be around 80UC.

Steps to Change Name in PUBG Mobile

When you are going to change you name in PUBG make sure that you already have Rename Card in your inventory box and if you don’t have then you have to buy it using the UC or read above how you can redeem  free rename ID card.

Step-1: First make sure that your mobile is connected to well working internet connection.

Step-2: Now open PUBG app on your mobile and proceed until the game loads successfully and you reach your lobby.

Step-3: In the main lobby look for INVENTORY which can be easily found in the bottom right and click to open it.

Step-4: As soon as you click on the INVENTORY a side bar will open from the right.

Step-5: Click on the last box from the side bar as shown in the below screenshot

Step-6: Lot of items that you have already redeemed by completing different missions can be seen in this box like BP thrill card, coupons etc. 

Step-7: You need to search for ID card that you have already redeemed.

Step-8: Click on the ID card and then a small box just in the right bottom of the side bar will appear.

Step-9: In the box there will be USE button. You just click on the USE button in order to rename your name on PUBG mobile.

Step-10: As soon as you click on USE button a pop window will appear asking you to change Nickname by entering your new name.

Step-11: Enter your new name and then click on OK button to save the changes.

Congrats your name has been changed successfully.


Renaming the name of your profile does not affect on your rank or any reward that you have collected before but make sure that you tell your new name to your friends so that they can easily find you on PUBG and enjoy the game together.

Thank You

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